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The photo above shows the beautiful fall view from the deck.

All six of our rooms have large windows for viewing the outside country landscaping and letting in bright daylight (right).

This is the choice room of the home. The attached bath also has a walk in shower. The patio doors on the left give access to the deck

This photo shows the choice room of the home. The attached bath has a walk in shower. The patio doors on the left  give access to the outside deck and views of the back of the property.

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The pictures above and below show the spacious living room areas with ample seating for our residents and their guests. 

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               Here at Countryside, we want our residents to feel at home and be part of an extended family.  My husband and I live within the home and are available 24/7.  Together we provide our residents with a safe, clean, comfortable environment.  There are many benefits to living with the owners on site.
  1. We not only own the home, we also work within it.
  2. You will get top notch care in a home we take pride in, and a business we value.
  3. You will live in a small setting where you will receive care from the same people all the time. 
  4. The owner,  Laurie Knapp,  gets very familiar with each resident's needs, likes and dislikes.
                        To make your stay in this outstanding home more affordable, we have four levels of care.  You pay only for the services you need at the time. We also offer all the services of a larger home without the higher prices.
          >  Quiet country setting  

          >  Private furnished rooms, towels and linens

          >  Private baths

          >  Three delicious, nutritious, homemade meals and snacks

          >  Laundry & housekeeping

          >  Medication management

          >  Assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming

          >  Call bells

          >  Whole house generator

          >  Palliative care covered by medicare

          >  Hospice

          >  Home health care of your choice

          >  In home physical therapy 

          >  In home salon

          >  Private phone lines

          >  Direct tv satellite

          >  WiFi 



         Level 1 basic plan includes private room, meals, private bathroom, laundry, room cleaning, shower

         assistance including dressing and grooming, and medication management.

         Level 2 includes all of level 1 plus assistance with incontinence, diabetic care, and special doctor

         prescribed diets.

         Level 3 includes all of levels 1 and 2 plus dementia care severe enough to cause a need for total assistance.

         Level 4 includes all of levels 1, 2, and 3 plus bed or chair bound, and end of life requiring hospice care.  



                       Since Mom has been with you, my heart is full of joy knowing she is well cared for and happy. Irene L.


                        Dear Laurie and staff, we would like to thank you for the wonderful and compassionate care you 

 gave our mother at the end of her life. We greatly appreciate that you kept her in your home. It meant 

             a lot to us and our mother.  Family of D.R. 

                         Dear Laurie and staff, for all the love and care you gave Dad, we can not thank you enough. We

             want you to know how much we appreciate all you have done for him.  Dan and Amy.

                          Thank you for all the work, love, and care that you poor into all your residents. You have a wonderful                 facility and staff.  I always look forward to going to Countryside.  Hospice nurse.

          We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to contact us please select 

               CONTACT from the menu at the top of this page.